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KIN 102M

KIN 102M

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The MSU kendo club sponsors an introductory kendo class for credit. This class, KIN 102M is the recommended way for beginners to get involved with kendo at MSU. KIN 102M is offered in the Fall and Spring of every year. Usually enrollment is limited to about 30 students, and we have filled this class completely every semester it has been offered, so enroll early if you don't want to miss this opportunity.

The curriculum of KIN 102M is very similar to that of the Kendo club. Since KIN 102M is made up completely of beginners, however, we are able to focus 100% on your needs, rather than splitting practice between needs of beginners and experienced kenshi. Many current members of the MSU kendo club have found that the most effective approach to learning kendo was to take KIN 102M and to start attending club practices as well about half way through the semester.

In addition to practicing shinai kendo, members of the class will receive and study four handouts. These handouts provide additional information about kendo equipment, terminology, and technique. A summary of these four handouts has been produced as an MSU kendo club handout available on our website.

Written quizzes, a midterm and a skills test constitute the evaluation criteria for this pass/no-pass class. The written exam includes a thought provoking essay question to explore your thoughts about kendo, its place in your life and in modern society.

Join the hundreds of people who have been introduced to kendo through KIN 102m

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